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Small moth with yellowish coif named after Donald Trump

A small moth with a yellowish-white coif of scales has been named after U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, in honor of the former reality TV show host and real estate magnate's signature hairdo. The new species, dubbed Neopalpa donaldtrumpi, lives in a habitat that spans southern California and Mexico's Baja California and was named by evolutionary biologist Vazrick Nazari in an article published in the scientific journal ZooKeys. The moth, the second species of a genus of twirler moths, can be distinguished by the…

WATCH: This adorable 3-month-old baby becomes internet sensation for her amazing hair

ELTON, La: A southwest Louisiana woman says her 3-month-old daughter has such a full head of hair that strangers stop to admire it, and she made the baby a Halloween troll costume.  But Alisha John says she and her husband, Dakota, don’t have long to play with baby Areea Sue Oiba Ohn’s hair. That’s because she’s a Coushatta Indian, and the tribe shaves babies’ heads as part of a blessing ceremony when they’re 4-months-old. She tells the American Press in Lake Charles …

VIDEO: This Chinese woman hasn’t cut her hair for 18 years

TAIYUAN, China: A Chinese woman is becoming an internet sensation for her unusual hair measuring its growth around 11-foot. Rapunzel unfurled her locks on the stage in a Chinese park and had her hair measured. It was a staggering 11 feet long. The moment was recorded ina  camera by one of the spectators. The 60-year-old woman showed off her impressive hair  for spectators at a park in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, and revealed the results of the annual measuring of her hair length. The woman said she hasn't cut her…

5 shocking facts you want to know about ‘death’

No one wants to talk about death. In fact, just by saying the word death, you can get goosebumps. However, researchers across the world in their own fields have studied it from their own perspectives. Following are five research results that you would want to know about death. 1-Decaying human body smells (sickly) sweet What the stench of death is like? A latest study found that the smell of human decomposition resembles five esters, organic compounds that react with water to produce alcohols and acids.…

Obama doesn’t dye and tell

KUALA LUMPUR: President Barack Obama stood before an audience of students and admitted the obvious: he doesn't dye his hair, unlike some leaders he could name, but would not.