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Citizens terrified by huge ‘half human, half animal’ beast

The terrifying footage of a mysterious creature terrorising a neighbourhood has left resident in the town of Santa Fe, Argentina completely spooked. DISTURBING FOOTAGE- VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED  A bizarre photo snapped by a local resident shows a creature with four, tall and thin legs. It has a hunchback similar to a camel, a long neck and a face which resembles a horse or a rabbit. The creature is walking on all-fours and looks to be a humongous 7ft. The giant animal has so far butchered two dogs - a German…

‘Half-human, half-beast’ creature terrifies villagers

The birth of a “half-human and half-beast” creature has triggered fear among many of 4,000 inhabitants and farmers of Lady Frere village of South Africa, who think the creature has been “sent by the devil”. DISTURBING IMAGES- VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED The panic was so intense that the Eastern Cape Department of Rural Development sent out experts to conduct tests after its pictures spread through the community. Chief Director of Veterinary Services Dr Lubabalo Mrwebi admitted that at first glance the lamb –…