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Hammad Safi

Pakistan’s 11-year-old professor becomes internet sensation

PESHAWAR: Several hundred Pakistani university students sit enraptured as Hammad Safi lectures them on the merits of bettering their diction by watching Barack Obama speeches on YouTube. The elegantly dressed motivational speaker is something of an internet sensation in Pakistan and regularly draws large crowds. But it's not just because of his infectious enthusiasm and engaging smile. It's also because he's only 11 years old. Safi speaks into his wireless microphone, his hand gestures practised and his confidence…

Ever heard of a 10 year old professor? Well, meet one!

Mohmand Agency: Thinking of a 10 year old what's the first thing that comes to one mind? A carefree child someone who loves to play with his friends and toys? But ever thought of a 10 year old professor? No? Well, meet one.  Mohmad Agency’s Hammad Safi seems to be creating history. At 10 years old he is a professor at a private English university teaching students twice his age! “I don’t get bored, I enjoy it a lot. There are so many students, I teach them, I give them lecture, I have a lot of fun. Behind my success is…