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Asif Zardari knows what’s going to happen to him now: Sheikh Rasheed

LAHORE: Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed on Saturday said former president Asif Zardari was very well cognizant of the fact that what was going to happen to him that was why he had resorted to public gatherings, but masses will not take to streets for him now, ARY News reported. "Once case of the falooda vendor comes out everything will be clear to him," he said pointing towards a fake account made in the name of a falooda vendor through which huge transactions were made. He said this while talking to media…

Hitler exhibition in Berlin bunker asks: How could it happen?

BERLIN: More than 70 years after Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin bunker in the final days of World War Two, an exhibition in the capital examines how he became a Nazi and what turned ordinary Germans into murderers during the Third Reich. For decades it was taboo in Germany to focus on Hitler, although that has begun to change with films such as the 2004 "Downfall", chronicling the dictator's last days, and an exhibition about him in 2010. The exhibition "Hitler - how could it happen" is set in a bunker in…