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‘Hate in the streets’ has no place in Germany: Merkel

BERLIN: Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday condemned violent far-right protests that degenerated into attacks against foreign-looking people, saying "hate in the streets" has no place in Germany. After the fatal stabbing of a German man, 35, allegedly by a Syrian and an Iraqi, thousands of protesters marched in the eastern city of Chemnitz for two straight days, some chasing down people they believed were immigrants. Police reported assaults by extremists against at least three foreigners on Sunday, while…

I’ll never hate Chelsea fans, says Mourinho

WATFORD: Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has told Chelsea fans he will never hate them no matter how much abuse he receives during Saturday's FA Cup final. Mourinho remains the most successful boss in Chelsea's history after winning three Premier League titles, as well as the three League Cups and one FA Cup, during his two spells with the west London club. But some Chelsea supporters no longer show the same gratitude and adulation to Mourinho as they did when he won the team's first English title for 50 years…

Hate daylight saving time? You may have a point, researchers say

NEW YORK:¬†For most Americans, daylight saving time means only one thing: losing an hour's sleep. So what is the point? This is actually a reasonable question, according to a growing body of scientific research. Daylight saving time is the practice of moving clocks forward by one hour during summer months so that daylight lasts longer into evening. Most of North America and Europe follows the custom, while the majority of countries elsewhere do not. When clocks in almost all of the United States spring forward by an…