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WATCH: ‘Ghost’ captured on camera in haunted Irish school

A secondary school in Ireland may have captured proof of the paranormal on film after a series of unexplained disturbances caused a big stir.  Deerpark CBS located in Cork city in south Ireland has released CCTV footage filmed in the school’s corridors which they reckon could show a ghost. The eerie footage was taken at 3am on October 1 showing spooky incidents including a door opening by itself and lockers rocking back and forth. The footage begins with a huge bang and some strange flashes that seem to be coming…

Paranormal investigator ‘makes contact’ with ghost on UK’s most haunted road

SHEFFIELD: A paranormal investigator was left shaken after he claimed to have made contact with a spirit on Britain's most haunted road. Investigator Phil Sinclair was filming in the woods in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, to try to see if reported sightings of the spirits of children and a monk were true. The 15-minute film shows Phil use Ovilus, a device that detects EMF (Electromotive force) and turns it into language, to help communicate and record the spiritual encounter. The footage, filmed on September 2,…

Swedish queen says royal palace is haunted by ‘friendly ghosts’

STOCKHOLM: Queen Silvia of Sweden says the royal palace where she resides is haunted, according to a documentary aired to public television on Thursday.  "There are small friends... ghosts. They're all very friendly but you sometimes feel that you're not completely alone," Queen Silvia says in the documentary by SVT. "It's really exciting. But you don't get scared," she adds. Drottningholm Palace, which is on the UNESCO world heritage list, was built in the 1600s on Lovon island in Stockholm. It is the…