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Health Emergency

New Delhi declares emergency as toxic smog chokes city

NEW DELHI: The Indian capital declared a pollution emergency and banned the entry of trucks and construction activity as a toxic smog hung over the city for a third day on Thursday and air quality worsened by the hour. Illegal crop burning in the farm states surrounding New Delhi, vehicle exhaust emissions in a city with limited public transport and swirling construction dust have caused the crisis, which arises every year. The problem has been compounded this year by still conditions, the weather office said. A…

Doctors warn of health emergency as smog blankets New Delhi

NEW DELHI: A public health emergency was declared in New Delhi Tuesday as a choking blanket of smog descended on the world's most polluted capital city. The Indian Medical Association's declaration came as the US embassy website said levels of the fine pollutants known as PM2.5 that are most harmful to health reached 703 -- well over double the threshold of 300 that authorities class as hazardous. "We have declared a state of public health emergency in Delhi since pollution is at an alarming level," the head of the…

Delhi shuts schools as smog sparks health ’emergency’

NEW DELHI: Authorities in the Indian capital on Monday closed schools, halted construction work and shut down a major power plant after days of choking smog led to warnings of a health "emergency" in the world's most polluted capital. Pollution levels have spiked in recent days as farmers in neighbouring Indian states burn crop stubble after the harvest and temperatures cool, trapping pollutants in a smoggy haze over the city. Delhi's air quality generally worsens with the onset of autumn, particularly after the Diwali…