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Grammy Awards shape up as clash of pop titans Beyonce and Adele

LOS ANGELES: The Grammy awards are shaping up to be the ultimate showdown between pop's two biggest female stars as Beyonce and Adele go head-to-head for song, record and album of the year on Sunday. Despite 62 total Grammy nominations and 20 awards, Beyonce, 35, has never won the coveted album of the year, despite topping the charts with all six of her studio records. With nine nominations, many fans are hoping Beyonce will overcome her Grammys' curse with "Lemonade," the personally and politically charged album many…

Two-month-old baby says ‘hello’ in viral video

NAPOLEON, Michigan: Can you imagine a newborn, a just two-month-old baby, learning to gesture? Well, Michigan mother was too astonished to see her son appearing to say ‘hello’. Samantha Jones of Napoleon posted a video to Facebook  that shows her son, Christian, looking up at the camera as his mother asks him to say "hello" to her friend Amber, the intended recipient of the video on Snapchat. "Can you say, 'Hello, Amber?'" Jones asks the boy. The infant mumbles a response that appears to resemble a "hello," leading…