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Raid reveals Sindh laboratory issued fake report in Sharjeel Memon case

KARACHI: A raid conducted by ARY News' 'Sar-e-Aam' team revealed that the government laboratory, which issued a chemical examination report saying the bottles recovered from PPP leader Sharjeel Memon's hospital room didn't contain alcohol, doesn't have the required apparatus or machinery to conduct such an examination. Sar-e-Aam team leader Iqrar-ul-Hassan conducted a raid on the government laboratory which issued the report saying the two bottles contained olive oil and honey and found out that the lab doesn't have…

Here’s how you can store honey and olive oil the ‘right’ way

Storing honey and olive oil is a straightforward process. Both products are long lasting if kept with care and taken necessary precautions. To keep honey fresh, all you have to do is find an appropriate container in which to store the honey and to keep this container in a cool, dry place Choose the RIGHT container You can store honey in the container it originally came in. However, if your container is damaged or leaking, you can transfer your honey to another container in your kitchen. You can store honey in any of the…

Report of bottles containing ‘honey’, ‘olive oil’ in Sharjeel’s room rejected

KARACHI: The investigation team of police has rejected the examination reports that certified 'no trace of alcohol found in the blood samples of Sharjeel Memon' and the bottles found in his room contained 'honey and olive oil' While dismissing the examination reports, the investigation team decided to conduct an inquiry again, as the reports could not satisfy the police officials, ARY News reported. Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) South Omer Shahid released the detailed report of the case which highlighted that by…

Why you should not give honey to babies?

It is a common practice to feed babies honey to prevent them from different diseases. However, a new research's finding says that you should not give honey to babies because of botulism (explanation ahead) which takes place due to honey consumption in a baby body. It ultimately creates poisoning and paralysis. Initially, a baby undergoes progressive muscular weakness, muscle contraction and poor head control (floppy baby) because of this disease. One can get botulism through food (mostly canned foods), wound or an…

Amazing health benefits of honey!

This natural energy drink from the beehive does wonders for your health you might not be aware of! Read on to know about the various health benefits of honey. Yes, honey is sweet and a delight for your taste buds! When added to dishes or juicy drinks, it has the ability to enrich it with an exotic taste if perfection. However, many properties of honey take care of your allergies and refine your health to an unbelievably wonderful extent! So let’s go through a couple of health benefits and remedies a healthy dose of…

6 foods known for their healing properties

We usually go to doctor whenever we want to fight fatigue or recover from illness. Today we have discovered some foods that are known for their powerful healing properties and will save on your doctor's fee. From easing nausea to protecting you from kidney stones, these foods are best medication for several ailments. Here is the list of six foods that gives you great health benefits with their sweet taste.

7 foods for better sleep

We often feel sleepless and at times it takes a real effort to fall asleep that we go for pills. Instead of opting for extreme measures like pills we should only change our bed time snacks to the foods that have sleep-enhancing properties. Here is the list of foods that help you have better sleep.