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Hotel chains apologise after dirty cleaning expose

The Ritz-Cartlon and other five-star hotels in China apologised after a video exposing unhygienic cleaning practises went viral online this week in the latest health and safety scandal to rock the country. Despite their luxury standards and high price tags, cleaning staff were shown wiping down in-room cups with the same towels and sponges used to clean showers and toilets. Since the video was posted to Twitter-like Weibo on Wednesday, it has racked up more than 30 million views. The video clip was apparently shot…

Indian serial thief stole 120 hotel TVs

BANGALORE: Indian police have detained a man who stole 120 TV sets from hotels over four months, officials said on Wednesday. Vasudev Nanaiah booked into budget hotels in states across southern India with oversized bags to put the televisions in when he left. If the room television did not fit his bag, the 34-year-old Nanaiah would go out to a local market to buy a bigger suitcase, police alleged. Hotel staff never suspected him as he was very well behaved. Nanaiah also paid a small advance sum and told staff he…