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houbara bustards

Houbara bustards is a walking birds fly only when to change the site of disturbed. Houbara is a shy and cryptic bird added sandy buffed color makes it extremely well camouflaged in desert habitats. There are two type of Houbara Bustards.

The African Houbara ranging from the Caribbean island along North Africa up to Libya and the Asian Houbara which ranges from the middle east to Mongolia. African Houbara are resident birds all over their range in north Africa while Asian Houbara included both resident population in Pakistan, Iran in the middle east and Migrants population living in the same areas but breeding further north in the central Asia, China and Mongolia.

Unfortunately, number of Houbara Bustards have declined dramatically throughout their range during the 20th century. Arabs hunted the birds for thousands of years without threating the survival of Houbara populations. However modern technology bought four wheel vehicles into this Adriel tradition. Human development and associated activities largely disturbed to the demised of Houbara through habitat destruction and over exploitation.