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Rangers kill most wanted terrorist in Hub area

KARACHI: Anti Terrorist Force of Sindh Rangers killed most wanted terrorist and nominated vice chief of banned outfit Tehreek-e-Taliban Sindh Saqib alias Arif. The terrorist, also known as Anjum and Abbas, was killed in an raid carried…

Jundullah chief killed in Hub raid

KARACHI/HUB: Law enforcement agencies killed the chief of outlawed militant group Jundullah on Friday in a successful operation in Hub, ARY News reported.  Arif alias Saqib Anjum who was emir of Jundullah was killed during a raid in Hub.…

Rangers arrest two suspects behind Jacobabad blast

KARACHI: Rangers arrested two terrorists involved in Jacobabad explosion from Sukkur and Hub, ARY News reported on Sunday. According to Rangers, the para-military forces nabbed the two terrorists named Kamran Khurasani and Qari Attaullah…

Six killed in road accidents near Hub and Khanpur

HUB/KHANPUR: In a tragic incident, at least three people were killed while 20 others injured in a road accident near Hub, ARY News reported on Tuesday. According to levies sources, the incident happened when a passenger bus en route to…
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