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Early humans co-existed in Africa with human-like species 300,000 years ago

KROMDRAAI, SOUTH AFRICA: Scientists unveiled the first evidence on Tuesday that early humans co-existed in Africa 300,000 years ago with a small-brained human-like species thought to already be extinct on the continent at that time. The findings, published in three papers in the journal "eLife", raise fresh questions about human evolution, including the prospect that behaviors previously attributed to humans may have been developed by hominin precursors of Homo sapiens. Hominins are an extinct group of the same genus as…

German designer creates earrings that look like human ears

AN ear-shaped earring, created by a Berlin-based designer, reflects an impressive feat of artistry but it’s making everyone wonder due to their ‘creepy’ looks. Worn just like a normal earring, these faux ears are the exact same shape and size as fake ears, making it look like you’ve got double the amount of ear going on. Which, if that’s what your after, is… great? Despite the fact that they’re very strange, creator Nadja Buttendorf deserves praise for the artistry firstly for creating such lifelike ears, and…