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Upholding proper hygiene is the need of the hour

Each passing day in times of social distancing, holds the potential of threatening your well-being but certain measures can reduce the probability of you contracting the deadly virus. Negligence can lead to your health being compromised. Since none of us want that to happen, we at Rose Petal set out with our latest campaign to remind people the significance of hygiene. “Aapki Sehat Aapkay Haath Mein” in its truest essence is an effort to depict specific scenarios that we take lightly during normal times. We’ve…

Milk blended with hair removing cream, Lucman reveals all

LAHORE:  Pakistan's famous anchor Mubasher Lucman revealed with video evidence that the milk being supplied to the general public is blended with cooking oil and even hair removing powder, ARY News reported on Tuesday. Lucman who hosts a show 'Khara Sach' on ARY News, came up with video evidence that cooking oil is being blended in the milk to thicken the milk then to bring the  whiteness back, hair removing powder is mixed in the necessary edible item. Vermicelli: In another video, Lucman showed that a factory making…