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The ‘high cost’ of ‘low-quality’ painting on PIA planes

KARACHI: After spending millions of rupees to revamp the color scheme of aircraft, the color on the newly-repainted planes of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has started to fade. Last month, the process of repainting PIA planes was initiated alongside painting a new logo of ‘Ibex’ on their tail ends. Merely, in a span of around a month, the colors of the newly-painted Pakistani flag on Airbus 320 are being shredded and even cracks are appearing on the painted words. Due to use of low-quality paints by the company…

Winter hunting – a looming threat to biodiversity

The Baltistan region of GB has a wide range of fauna and flora residing in the two great mountain ranges of the Karakorum and the Himalayas. The Central Karakorum National Park (CKNP) covers the maximum part of the range inside Pakistan and starts from Hushe in Siachen valley and extends westward to the boundary of Khunjerab National Park. However, some part of the Karakorum Range (Chourbat valley) towards the east of Siachen to the line of control lies outside of the wildlife reserve due to military and strategic…