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Immigration plan

UK to prioritise high-skilled workers in post-Brexit immigration plans

LONDON: The British government set out the biggest overhaul of its immigration policy in decades on Wednesday, ending special treatment for European Union nationals while promising to give businesses time to adapt to its post-Brexit plans. In a long-awaited policy paper on how Britain intends to approach immigration after its exit from the EU, the government said the system would prioritise skilled workers and treat EU and non-EU citizens alike. Concern about the long-term social and economic impact of immigration…

Trump proposes US citizenship plan for 1.8 mn undocumented immigrants

WASHINGTON: US President Donald TrumpĀ“s administration on Thursday unveiled a sweeping new immigration plan to Congress that offers 1.8 million young unauthorised immigrants known as "Dreamers" a path to citizenship over 10-12 years. In a comprehensive reform that will be formally presented next week, Trump has also asked Congress to eliminate the popular "green card lottery" program and severely restrict family immigration, steps analysts say could cut in half the more than one million foreign-born people moving to the…