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Indian airline

Indian airline decides to stop free meals for some passengers

NEW DELHI: Jet Airways Ltd, India’s biggest full-service carrier, will stop providing free meals to most domestic economy class passengers from January, in the debt-laden airline’s latest move to cut costs and boost revenues. Passengers will, instead, have the option to buy meals on board, the airline said in a statement on Monday. “(The move) reflects the fast-evolving nature of Indian aviation, where an increasing number of guests want the freedom and flexibility to make their own travel choices,” Jet said. Rising…

Indian airline torments passengers by putting AC on blast

Air Asia, an Indian airline, travelling from Kolkata to Bagdogra has been accused of mistreating its passengers for putting the air-conditioning blower on full in order to disembark passengers from the plane. According to NDTV, the airline was delayed by four hours and the passengers were seated inside the airplane. When the airline’s crew asked passengers to deplane without an explanation, after being late for several hours, the passengers refused to comply, it was then the crew blasted the air-conditioning at full.…