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Indian boy

Missing Indian boy found at Facebook friend’s house in Sheikhupura

SHEIKHUPURA: Indian boy Amarjit Singh, 24, who mysteriously disappeared in Pakistan and sent the Indian law enforcement into a frenzy was actually enjoying the hospitality of his Facebook friend. According to reports, Amarjit Singh had befriended Sheikhupura resident Ameer Razak on Facebook. After reaching Pakistan on April 12, Amarjit called Razak who in return invited him to stay at his place. It has been reported that Amarjit lied to Razak that he had a three-month visa when in actual his visa expiry date was April…

VIDEO: Indian boy appears to light LED bulbs with his bare skin

KERALA, INDIA: A nine-year-old Indian boy has become a local celebrity after a video went viral showing him lighting electric bulbs by just touching them. Abu Thahir from Alapuzzha claims that he can light LED bulbs with his bare hands and feet. https://youtu.be/T1Udf7Rwexk The boy says that he discovered his supposed 'talent' when his electrician father Nazir brought home a bulb from work and it lit up as he held it. The father testifies saying that his son’s ability is not a hoax but is completely genuine.…

Google breaks silence on hiring 16-year-old boy at Rs 1.4 crore salary

A news report in the Indian media created storm when it claimed that a 16-year-old boy Harshit Sharma was offered a job by Google and that too at Rs 1.4 crore  (Rs 14 million) salary. The news spread like wildfire prompting Google to issue clarification on the matter. The giant search engine giant denied any such report and said they don’t have a record of such 16-year-old boy. Google said: "Currently, we don't have any information on our records with respect to Harshit Sharma's candidacy." Moreover, the…