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Indian cleric

Indian cleric arrested for ‘counter slapping’ woman on live TV

NEW DELHI: A disturbing moment was witnessed during a live TV debate on an Indian channel when a cleric and a woman lawyer indulged in fist-fight and brawl while arguing with each other. A video of the cleric counter attacking a woman lawyer and human rights activist on live TV while debating triple talaq and Muslim women’s rights has gone viral on the Internet. #BatanaToPadega में बहस के दौरान एजाज अरशद काजमी ने फराह फैज पर हाथ उठाया, @Zee_Hindustan इसके सख्त खिलाफ है और हम इसकी निंदा करते हैं. pic.twitter.com/hJ2ZCiFAwx…