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Indian diplomat

FO summons Indian diplomat over LoC ceasefire violation

ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office (FO) on Wednesday summoned the Indian deputy high commissioner to lodge a protest over the cross-border attack in Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) which claimed a life of an elderly woman. The FO’s South Asia chief urged the Indian diplomat to respect the ceasefire accord and investigate the violation, the FO said in a statement. It merits mentioning here that an elderly woman was killed on Tuesday (yesterday) when the Indian army resorted to an unprovoked firing in Chirikot sector along the…

Indian diplomat leaves for India after being expelled from Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: A recently expelled Indian diplomat from Pakistan over alleged improper activities, Surjeet Singh, left the country for India late on Friday night. The Indian diplomat was told to leave Pakistan after the Foreign Secretary had summoned the Indian High Commissioner on Thursday to inform that Islamabad would be sending back a diplomat on suspicious activities. "The Foreign Secretary expressed deep concern over the activities of the Indian official that were in violation of the Vienna Convention and the established…

Foreign ministry says it will expel Indian diplomat

ISLAMABAD: Foreign ministry said late on Thursday it has declared an Indian diplomat persona non grata and given him 48 hours to leave the country. The diplomat was identified as Surjeet Singh, an official at the Indian High Commission, in a statement from the foreign ministry. India said earlier on Thursday it would expel a Pakistani diplomat based in New Delhi who allegedly ran a spy ring that collected sensitive information about Indian security operations along its border. The allegations come amid heightened tensions…