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Arif Alvi’s father was dentist of first Indian PM Nehru

Newly-elected President Arif Alvi ’s father was dentist of first Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, according to biography of Mr. Alvi at Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) website. The PTI, in its brief biography of Dr. Alvi, states: “His father Dr. Habib ur Rehman Elahi Alvi who practiced dentistry in India migrated to Pakistan in 1947 and opened a dental practice in Saddar, Karachi.  Dr. Elahi Alvi was a dentist to Jawaharlal Nehru and the family has letters from Mr Nehru to Dr Alvi in their possession.” The…

India tops ranking for selfie deaths; Pakistan on second

NEW DELHI: Next time you're at the Taj Mahal, find yourself standing on a precarious cliff or see an approaching train, maybe just enjoy the moment rather than trying to capture the perfect selfie. These are just three of the ways that 76 selfie-takers in India have lost their lives, according to a study published by US-based Carnegie Mellon University and Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi. Pakistan took second place in the global killer-selfie rankings with nine deaths, followed by the United…

Modi admits India carried out no surgical strike

NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday admitted that no surgical strike has been carried out in any country, ARY News reported. In an indirect reference towards claim of surgical strike in Pakistan's territory, he said India has never attacked any country, nor does it want anyone’s territory. This statement has contradicted Indian Army's claim of surgical strike inside Pakistan. "India has not attacked anyone. It is neither hungry for any territory. But in the two World Wars, 0.15 million Indian soldiers…