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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

India’s ‘Crorepati’ PM doesn’t own a car

24 days ago
NEW DEHLI: India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi owns assets worth over Rs 20 million, Indian media reported while quoting the latest declaration of assets released by his Office. Modi has Rs 11,29,690 deposited in a State Bank of India…

Pompeo, Mattis set for meetings with top Indian officials

1 month, 9 days ago
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary James Mattis are holding long-delayed talks with top Indian officials, looking to shore up the alliance with one of Washington's top regional partners. The so-called “2+2” talks are…

Growing unease as India curbs the net to keep the peace

1 year, 27 days ago
MUMBAI: First he tried messaging friends, but WhatsApp was down. Then, the credit card readers at his clothing store weren’t working. Ride-sharing apps were offline too. Harsh Madhok, who runs a clothing business in Jaipur, a city of…

Indian court jails 11 for life over Gujarat massacre

2 years, 3 months ago
AHMEDABAD, INDIA: Eleven Hindus were sentenced to life in prison by an Indian court on Friday for their alleged role in the murders of dozens of Muslims during religious riots 14 years ago when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was chief…