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Google celebrates 147th birthday of the inventor of the vacuum cleaner

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates what would have been the 147th birthday of Hubert Cecil Booth - the inventor of the vacuum cleaner. Until 1901, the floor-cleaning technology involved blowing air and pushing away dust and debris. But Booth, who was an engineer based in London, had a different idea - cleaning by suction. And after years of experiments, Booth created the first powered vacuum cleaner, which became a staple in UK homes. As well as the vacuum cleaner, Booth invented many other well-known devices,…

These 10 celebrities were also inventors

The audience circumscribed its imagination of artist’s personality mainly with the kind of roles they appear in the movies, plays and other entertainment shows. However, the perception about lifestyle of an artist could significantly differ for number of reasons. The celebrity life is not all about receiving fame for their audacious roles in the movies but one might surprised to learn that they also had (or have) a sideline as an inventor.…