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Investment is an economic activity it is also considered a profit generating and profit earning activity. Investing is relinquishing consumption that could take place today in order to produce value in the future that can be consumed otherwise used then. It has four characteristics; return, safety, risk and liquidity.

Return is appreciation of our assets. What we are getting back from our investment the higher the risk the higher the return ratio. Risk is dependent of the investment. Safety is the certainty of return of capital without loss of time and money. Liquidity are instant money which can be sold out instantly.

PM Imran, Facebook COO discuss investment, programmes

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan welcomed on Friday Facebook's investments and programmes in Pakistan and encouraged the tech giant to increase its footprint in the country. During a virtual meeting with Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, he recognised the immense potential of digital platforms like Facebook and the role that they can play in giving global opportunities to Pakistani youth and entrepreneurs and how the opportunities they create can lift people out of poverty. Prime Minister…