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Android reportedly is collecting 10 times more user data than iOS

NASHVILLE: Soon after reports emerged about how Google continues to monitor a user`s location even if the location services have been turned off, a new study has claimed that the search giant also resorts to passive methods of data collection through Android phones, which are often overlooked. A study by Vanderbilt University also claims that Android smartphones are collecting almost 10 times more data than Apple iOS. In the study, the researchers have looked at the less obvious ways for Google to collect the data…

WATCH: Do you know your iPhone has a secret one-handed keyboard?

With so much evolution in the technology bringing about, it seems inevitable in near future that anything our phones can’t do. Well, there is an interesting news for those operating iPhones. There is a secret way to make typing on your chunky iPhone a whole lot easier – but you’re not allowed to use it. But, developer Steve Troughton-Smith has discovered code for a one-handed keyboard, buried deep within iOS. Screengrabs show the entire keyboard has been shifted to the side with the keys closer together, in what could…