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Apple discontinues iPod nano and shuffle

This is officially the end of an era, as three years after discontinuing the iPod classic, Apple has finally discontinued the iPod nano and shuffle. Apple has quietly taken down the websites for both the iPod nano and shuffle. As of now, searching for the products results in “learn more” and “buy” links, but they lead to URLs that are no longer available. An Apple spokesperson confirmed said that both products have met their end and are now officially discontinued. This makes the iPod touch the last device standing…

Here’s why the Apple CEO never let his children use an iPad

Apple CEO Steve Jobs and his life-long endeavors for creating one of the biggest technology empires has made him a household name after success of devices like iPod, iPad and iPhone. But to everyone’s surprise, the gadgets created by his firm have not impressed him to a degree that he could let his children use them avidly. Writing in the New York Times in 2014, Nick Bilton recalled a conversation he had with the late Apple chief executive after the launch of the first iPad. Asking whether his children liked the new…