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Climate change and hurricanes: do we need a smoking gun?

WASHINGTON: Many climate scientists are convinced that mega-storms Harvey and Irma Hurricane -- which left scores dead and caused massive economic losses -- were boosted by global warming, but hesitate to say so in as many words. Call it…

So how do mega-storms get named, anyhow?

PARIS: First there was Harvey, which put much of Houston under water. Now Hurricane Irma is rampaging across the Caribbean and closing in on Miami. Meanwhile, Jose -- still a tropical storm -- is brewing in the Gulf of Mexico, while…

1.2 million people ‘battered’ by Irma: Red Cross

GENEVA: An estimated 1.2 million people have already been "battered" by Hurricane Irma, a number that could surge to 26 million, the Red Cross said on Thursday. "Our worst fears have played out in Barbuda and elsewhere,” Walter Cotte,…