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Islamabad Airport

Islamabad airport is built to overcome the 21st century challenges located 20 km west of the twin cities near Kashmir highway. The project was started on 7th January 2005 which took more than a decade to build the project and finally the gates were opened for the citizens on May, 1st 2018. The airport covers more than 6.6 miles’ land consisting advanced technology systems and modern facilities for the passengers.

Airport has two runways, three taxi ways, one cargo apron, five apron for small and bigger airbus parking, air traffic control complex, one oil farm and firefighting team equipped with modern technology is always present at the airport. The airport has a trauma center consisting of 50 beds is also built to tackle any type of emergencies.

The airport also has a state lounge, four CIP lounges and nine international lounges. Fifteen boarding bridges have been made at the airport nine for international flights and six for domestic flights. Being a modern and fully equipped the airport is able to easily land Airbus A380, Boing 747, Boing 748, Airbus A350 and XWD aircraft.