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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez joins Clinton in Miami concert, urges fans to vote for ‘first female president’

WASHINGTON: Hillary Clinton took to the stage with Jennifer Lopez in Miami late Saturday when the music superstar performed a free concert in the rain to encourage early voting in the battleground state of Florida. The 47-year-old actress, singer and dancer whose toned physique appeared to defy gravity, powered through some of her greatest hits, including "Let's Get Loud" and "On the Floor" before an exuberant crowd who cheered and danced as rain drenched the outdoor amphitheater. Clinton arrived for the last segment…

Five Celebrities Who were Homeless

When we think about celebrities, we usually think of all that fortune that comes with the fame – big mansions, expensive cars, and private jets. However, it wasn’t always champagne and caviar for some of them. Here are five celebrities who used to be homeless. Daniel Craig Before landing the role of everyone’s favorite spy, James Bond, Daniel was sleeping on friends’ couches and park benches around London. Halle Berry Halle Berry has something in common with Daniel Craig. They both starred in James Bond…

Top Five Shortest Lived Celebrity Marriages

In the world of celebrity where money for divorce settlements is far more forthcoming than in the real world, short lived marriages are not uncommon. But for some celebs, the ink is hardly dry on the marriage certificate before divorce proceedings have begun.