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jet crash

VIDEO: Pilot dies as airshow stunt goes wrong in Italy

A horrific moment was recorded on camera by hundreds of thousands of onlookers when a Eurofighter pilot crashed into the sea after a stunt went wrong during an Italian airshow. Captain Gabriele Orlandi was killed when the Italian Air Force F-2000A Typhoon crashed into the sea just off the coast of Terrancia - 47 miles south of Rome. The accident happened during an air show on the seafront of TerracinaShocking Twitter footage shows the £125m aircraft streaking above the clouds as it starts a huge loop-the-loop…

Russia mourns 92 killed in Black Sea jet crash, hunts for black box

MOSCOW: Russia held a national day of mourning on Monday, a day after a Syria-bound military plane crashed into the Black Sea killing all 92 people on board, and expanded a search operation to try to recover passengers' bodies and the jet's black box. The plane, a Russian Defense Ministry TU-154, was carrying dozens of Red Army Choir singers, dancers and orchestra members to Syria where they were meant to entertain Russian troops in the run-up to the New Year. Nine Russian reporters were also on board as well as…