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India to investigate death of schoolgirl by starvation

NEW DELHI: India ordered an investigation on Tuesday into whether the death of a young girl was caused by a government error that saw her family denied food rations. The girl's mother and social welfare activists said the 11-year-old from Jharkhand state died of starvation last month after officials refused to give the family food because their personal documentation was not in order. More than 360 million Indians -- nearly one-third of its 1.25 billion people -- live below the poverty line and are entitled to access…

Shoot-to-kill: India hunts serial killer elephant

NEW DELHI: India's top hunter on Friday led a shoot-to-kill pursuit of an elephant whose murderous rampage through villages has left 15 people dead. The government has turned to sharpshooter Nawab Shafat Ali Khan ahead of World Elephant Day on Saturday to hunt the animal who crushed four victims in the eastern state of Bihar in March before crossing into neighbouring Jharkhand and killing 11 more. Jharkhand's chief forest and wildlife conservator L.R. Singh said the decision to kill the animal was made after a team…