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Over 2,000 Saudis fighting abroad with ‘jihadists’: ministry

RIYADH: More than 2,000 Saudis are fighting abroad with jihadist groups, with over 70 percent of them in Syria, the kingdom's interior ministry was reported as saying Monday. "The number of Saudis proven to be in conflict areas is 2,093," interior ministry spokesman General Mansour al-Turki told daily newspaper Al-Hayat. He said that 1,540 of them were in Syria, where jihadists have flocked since the Islamic State group seized control of vast areas in mid-2014. Another 147 were in Yemen, which is the base of…

US buys ads on Facebook to fight religious extremists

WASHINGTON: Social media has long been a key battlefield in the war on Islamic extremism. But the US has found this year that online ads on media like Facebook, rather than posts, are a cost-effective way to fight the extremists propaganda of the Islamic State and other such groups. Michael Lumpkin, the State Department's point man in the "soft power" fight against extremists, said Thursday at the Defense One Summit in Washington that Facebook's detailed metrics for advertisers helps the government campaign reach its…