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This is how Apple’s Steve Jobs CV in 1973 looked like!

Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs is considered among one of the top tech innovators in the contemporary world. A job application filled by 18-year-old Steve Jobs in 1973 is currently up for auction. In 1973, he wrote a job application in which he listed his interests as "electronics tech" and "design engineer". The one-page job application is estimated to value about $50,000 but it’s full of punctuation and spelling errors. In the job application Steve Jobs wrote his name as 'Steven Jobs' and address as 'reed college'.…

These 11 qualities you need to get a job at Google

Did you ever think about the number of job applications Google receives in a year and its hiring figure.? Well, it's something surprisingly amazing. There is a huge disparity that exists between two numbers. Each year, around 2.5 to 3.5 million people submit employee applications to Google. However Google only hires a fraction of it. It recruits 4,000 people only in a year which makes 0.001 percent of total applications. The luckiest aspirants succeed after going through the ‘ultra-selective’ process. Laszlo Bock,…

7-year-old girl applies for a job at Google, gets heart-warming reply from CEO

CALIFORNIA: A seven-year-old girl has written a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai asking for a job and the CEO’s reply to the little girl left her completely delighted. Chloe Bridgewater sent a handwritten letter to the tech giant in which she noted her computer skills and her interest in working in a place where she can “sit on bean bags and go down slides”. The letter, first published by Business Insider, makes a pretty solid case for hiring Ms Bridgewater. She wrote in it that she is experienced in tablet usage,…