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John Bolton

America’s new NSA: What can Pakistan expect?

WASHINGTON: The new United States National Security Advisor (NSA) John Bolton, known for being a hawk in diplomatic circles, may not be as hard on Pakistan as President Donald Trump expects him to be. Several media interviews with Bolton suggests that while he believes Pakistan does need to be dealt with firmly, the US needs to strike a delicate balance in the matter and leave the heavy lifting to China. Bolton, a former US ambassador to the UN, believes that Pakistan, a nuclear weapons state, is perpetually teetering…

Trump names hawk Bolton as national security advisor

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump on Thursday named hardline Fox News pundit and former UN ambassador John Bolton as his new national security advisor, ousting embattled army general HR McMaster. Trump took to Twitter to announce the latest in a cascade of staff changes, one which calls the future of a landmark deal to curb Iran's nuclear program into serious doubt. "I am pleased to announce that, effective 4/9/18, @AmbJohnBolton will be my new National Security Advisor," Trump said. The announcement came just…