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Johnny Lever

Johnny Lever’s son Jesse waits for the ‘right role’ in acting offers

Comedian Johnny Lever has proved his mettle in comical stunts in Bollywood, but apparently his son Jesse has given up on comedy roles as fans might expect. Junior Lever says, in a recent interview, he is waiting for acting offers but for the right role. “I want to surprise the audience,” says the 5’10, six-pack-sporting body-builder. And body building is part of his act. “I want to be different from my dad. Imagine dad with a six pack!” “Initially, I thought I should only do comedy and stand-up, like dad. But when I…

Meet Johnny Lever’s daughter: a gorgeous grown-up TV artist

MUMBAI: You may come across twenty nine-year-old Jamie Lever’s as just another artist until you come to know she is the daughter of renowned actor Johnny Lever. Jamie began her career in August 2012 as a marketing executive at the London-based market research agency Visiongain. She has performed at The Comedy Store, Mumbai from 2012 as a stand-up comedian. She’s never made it big in the Bollywood so far, but in stage-comedy she is a known figure. Unlike other Bollywood actress who flaunt their good looks, Jamie has…