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Journalist are the people either working for the media organization or someone who has been trained specifically and comes from a college education in journalism. A journalist major goal is to collect information for the purpose of distribution. They should have strong ethics and should never take favor’s, he should not follow anybody’s line and checks all the facts before reporting.

The reporter should have a good news sense, a reporter should ensure that the reported news is not trivial and also ensure that the news report is timely. He/she should ensure that they are able to convey their thoughts in such a way that the message is easily able to communicate with the readers or the viewers.

A journalist should have a good writing skills and should be able to write a good error free copy he/she should try to make copy which a common man can understand properly. It is expected that the good journalist are ardent readers and are up to date with current affairs and general knowledge.

They should have Strong networking skills to get insights of the matters. Last and most importantly a journalist should have the ability to work under pressures and meet deadlines.