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Judge receives death threats in child abuse case

1 month, 30 days ago
LOS ANGELES: A US judge has received death threats after granting bail to five suspects in a case involving nearly a dozen allegedly malnourished children found at a remote compound in New Mexico. Judge Sarah Backus granted the three men…

US must convince judge it has reunited migrants under five

3 months, 3 days ago
WASHINGTON: The US government must convince a judge on Thursday that it has complied with a court order for reuniting the youngest migrant children who were separated from their parents by US officials after they crossed the US-Mexico…

Judge restores Uber’s London license for 15 months

3 months, 18 days ago
LONDON: Uber won a legal bid on Tuesday to restore its operating license in London after a judge overturned an earlier decision and granted the ride-hailing app a 15-month permit. The capital's transport authority stripped the…

Trump can’t block his critics on Twitter, judge rules

4 months, 23 days ago
WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump violated the US constitution by blocking Twitter users who disagree with him, a federal judge ruled Wednesday in a case closely watched for implications for online free speech. Judge Naomi Reice…

Multan man gets 18-year jail term for throwing shoe at judge

5 months, 8 days ago
MULTAN: A man was handed down 18-year imprisonment by an anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Multan for ‘threatening’ and hurling a shoe at a civil judge during the case hearing. The culprit was accused of robbery and he was brought to court for…