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Astronomers zoom in on megastar’s juvenile outburst

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, a supergiant red star ended its life in a spectacular explosion known as a supernova. The light from that event took 160 million years to reach Earth where, in a stroke of luck, robot telescopes scanning the night sky happened upon it on October 6, 2013. On Monday, astronomers said the chance discovery allowed them to study the earliest phase of a supernova yet—just three hours after it erupted. "We immediately knew that what we have in hand is extremely unique," Ofer Yaron of…

Being incarcerated as a juvenile tied to poor health years later

CALIFORNIA: People incarcerated as juveniles may have worse physical and mental health as adults than youths who did not spend time in detention centers or correctional facilities, according to a new study. "A lot of people think there are potentially harmful effects of being in the justice system, but the long-term effects really haven’t been quantified," said lead author Dr. Elizabeth Barnert, of the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. The magnitude of the increased health…

Juvenile granted pre-arrest bail in dual murder case

LAHORE: A sessions court on Saturday approved pre-arrest bail to a juvenile on a dual murder case, ARY News reported. The court issued the bail to Zain, a student of fourth grade, and resident of Thana Manga mandi, and instructed him to cooperate and assist with the police investigation. The counsel for the accused informed the court that Zain was being blamed unfairly without any investigation for the murder of Chaudhry Iqbal and Liaquat. The counsel apprised the court that Zain was ten years old and a student of…