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Saudi Arabia to buy S-400 defence system from Russia

MOSCOW: Saudi Arabia signed on Thursday preliminary agreements to buy S-400 air defence systems and receive "cutting edge technologies" from Russia during King Salman's landmark visit to Moscow, the Saudi military industries firm said.…

Russia unveils statue of AK-47 inventor Kalashnikov

MOSCOW: Russian officials and Orthodox priests on Tuesday unveiled a statue in Moscow of inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov, whose iconic AK-47 assault rifle has claimed countless lives worldwide. A priest sprinkled holy water on the…

The romance and the Kalashnikov: Pashtun cinema reborn

Their tunics drenched in sweat, hundreds gather by the big screen, shouting and dancing their pride in being Pashtun amid clouds of hashish. In Pakistan's northwest, devastated by a decade of terrorism, this is how cinema is done, now the…