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Kashmir News: The word Kashmir mean “desiccated land”. It is derived “Kashyapa-mira” which means “Kashyap’s lake” The lake was sapped by Kashyapa, son of Marichi, Son of Brahma. He cut the gap in the hills of Baramulla and when it has been sapped kashyapa asked brahmans to settle there.

Kambojas rules Kashmir during the aspiring age with the assistance of Republican system of administration. Later the Panchalas are distinguished to built up there. Peer Panjal was the piece of current Kashmir is observer to numerous chronicled actualities. As indicated by legend, Jammu name was started by Hindu King Raja Jambu lochan in fourteenth century BC. King Jambu loves to chase while he was on his chase he saw a lion and a goat drinking water from the equivalent Tawi River the king got so enraptured and arrangement a town there after his name Jamboo. With the progression of time the name corrupted and become “JAMMU”

After the independence of both countries India and Pakistan there is no conclusion on Jammu and Kashmir dispute. After the government of India repealed the special status according to Jammu and Kashmir Article 370 of the Indian constitution, Parliament of India passed Jammu and Kashmir reorganization act, which seeks to dissolved the state and reorganize into two union territories. Jammu and Kashmir and Ladak. The Act was now effected in 31 October 2019

Major population of Jammu and Kashmir is Muslims 68.31% whereas Hindus 28.43% and rest Sikh and Buddhists. Kashmiris are still struggling in war state and want to join Pakistan to become an apart of Azad Kashmir.