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Not enough ketchup: US woman attacks McDonald’s manager

LOS ANGELES: A California woman was behind bars on Wednesday for beating and choking a McDonald's manager after discovering there wasn't enough ketchup in her order, police said. Mayra Berenice Gallo, 24, apparently went into a rage on October 27 after ordering food through the drive-through at the fast food outlet in the town of Santa Ana. Police spokesman Anthony Bertagna told AFP that an infuriated Gallo stormed into the restaurant through the employee back entrance and started pushing and choking the victim after…

8 foods that make you fat

It is not only the junk food that you need to cut from your diet plan when you want to lose weight, there are some very healthy foods that are also responsible for giving you fat and calories. So, if you feel you are getting too bulky you also need to cut the dose of following food items.