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Kiran Rao

Aamir Khan turns ‘pale’ after swine flu recovery

Bollywood star Aamir Khan was pictured outside a dubbing studio in Mumbai after recovering from swine flu. And he looked totally pale and gaunt after pulling through the viral flu. The 52-year-old emerged looking shockingly gaunt and pale after his recuperating from his illness. Wearing a cream coloured full-sleeved shirt with bright denims, he sported a pair of nerdy frames and tied his hair back with a head band. His newly done nose and ear piercing added to his look. Both Aamir and his wife Kiran Rao were…

Forget the slap—Now you can kiss Aamir Khan!

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan made headlines when he criticized the recent rising intolerance-related incidents in India and said that his wife Kiran had suggested they move to a country outside of India. Following this statement, Shiv Sena slammed Khan and stated that they were willing to reward INR 100,000 per slap to anyone who dared to slap Aamir.