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Ban imposed on puppy and kitten sales by pet shops

LONDON: Britain is forbidding puppies and kittens from being sold by pet shops in a bid to crack down on animal exploitation and abuse. The government said it will roll out the legislation next year after holding public consultations that showed 95 percent support for the ban. "This will mean that anyone looking to buy or adopt a puppy or kitten under six months must either deal directly with the breeder or with an animal re-homing centre," the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said on Sunday as…

Dead body of two-faced kitten baffles scientists as it looks to be alive

A farmer was left shocked when his cat gave birth to a kitten with two faces side-by-side on its head. The kitten could not survive longer and kicked the bucket shortly after its birth. SCROLL DOWN FOR PICTURES- VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED The farmer put it in a cardboard and offered it to a school at Amalfi town in Colombia to be used by students for experimental purposes, Mirror reported. The teachers rejected to accept body of the creature because they knew not what to do with it and handed it over to the government…