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KPK government

That’s How Billion Tree Tsunami Has Changed The Whole Country

Billion Tree Tsunami: A Tale of Imran Khan’s Extra-Ordinary Vision Prior to Elections 2013, our party launched a comprehensive “Environmental Policy”; something unprecedented in Pakistan before. As soon as we assumed KPK government, we now had the means to implement our policies and manifesto across the province. In 2014, the PTI-led KPK government launched the visionary Billion Tree Tsunami. The afforestation project included 732 million new saplings, 27 million self-growing saplings that were taken into preservation, 240…

‘First-ever’ sports festival held for transgender community in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: Pakistan has seen some positive progress of late when it came to provision of rights to the transgender community. From opening special schools to passage of 'rights bill' - it all happened for transgender persons in the last couple of months. A recent development came to light when a sports festival was organized in Peshawar to highlight and acknowledge the transgender community in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). A notable number of members from the community took part in the festivities. The day-long festival was…