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Kyrgyzstan located in central Asia surrounded by four countries Uzbekistan, china, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. The country has 75% population of Kyrgyz 12% Uzbek 6% Russians and 7% Chinese and various others. Kyrgyzstan peoples are known as “Kyrgyz”, with the horrible mess of enclaves and enclaves mostly mixed in Uzbekistan. The capital of Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek located in the north and the country is divided into seven regions with the two largest cities Bishkek and Osh acting as independent entity.

The biggest appealing of Kyrgyzstan is the country has more than a thousand of lakes over more than 400 rivers and canals 88 mountain ranges and forests. Issyk-Kul-Lake is the largest lake in the country and 2nd largest saline lake after the Caspian Sea and 2nd largest high altitude lake after the Lake Titicaca in south America. The salt water in addition to hot springs causes the lake to never freeze, even in the freezing winter months.

One of the tallest mountain Jengish Chokusu is also present in Kyrgyzstan which is shared with china at the border. The country also has the 6th largest non-polar glacier in the world and also have the world largest wall nuts forest. The country is production a large amount of hydroelectric energy and exporting to other countries.

‘CPEC could be gateway to central Asian region’

ISLAMABAD: China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) could be a gateway to Central Asian Region, if it is provided with the opportunity to partner in the project. These views were expressed by the ambassadors of the Central Asian Countries while speaking at the seminar here on “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Opportunities for Central Asian Republics (CARs)” organised by Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies and Preston University. Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Pakistan Barlybay Sadykov said…