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Japan to provide $3.2m to Regional Polio Laboratory

7 months, 13 days ago
ISLAMABAD: The government of Japan on Friday announced to provide a grant of $3.2 million for the procurement of equipment for the Regional Reference Laboratory for polio eradication located at the National Institute of Health in Islamabad.…

Antarctica: a laboratory for climate change

7 months, 14 days ago
A decade ago, a thick layer of ice covered the Collins Glacier on Antarctica's King George Island.┬áNow, the rocky landscape is visible to the naked eye, in a region that is both a victim of and a laboratory for climate change. "I had the…

WATCH: London lab recreates horrors of war with 3D technology

2 years, 1 month ago
LONDON: Starvation, torture and rape: the grim daily realities of prisoners inside Syria's Saidnaya military prison have been recreated in harrowing 3D detail by a London-based agency, established to highlight claims of rights abuses.