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More than 1.1 bn ‘invisible people’ lack identification

WASHINGTON: More than 1.1 billion people worldwide officially don't exist -- going about their daily lives without proof of identity. The issue leaves a significant fraction of the global population deprived of health and education services. Among these "invisible people" -- many of whom live primarily in Africa and Asia -- more than one third are children susceptible to violence whose births have not been registered, the World Bank's "Identification for Development" (ID4D) program recently warned. The problem is…

Doctor-rating websites lack helpful information: study

MASSACHUSETTS: Consumers increasingly turn to commercial physician-rating websites, similar to those for restaurants and hotels, when searching for a new doctor, but the sites rarely have information that actually helps patients, researchers say. Most doctors typically have no more than a few reviews on a site, and the reviews often don’t provide good insight into the doctor’s qualifications, personality or the patient experience, a new study finds. “Many friends have called me and said they want to find information…