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This smartphone-controlled LED Table will enhance your living room

A new interactive LED coffee table has been created that can be connected to a smartphone application allowing you to create your own animations, play arcade games and music. The LED Table displays cool effects and animations synced with music and games and is fully controllable with a smart phone. Users can customise the effects to impress friends and family, light up their parties and get a smooth ambient light in their living room. The LED table in the available Black, White, Oak and Birch colours and can even be…

Could flickering light treat Alzheimer’s?

PARIS: Scientists have used flickering LED lights to shrink, in mouse brains, the beta amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer's Disease in humans, they reported on Wednesday. While too early to say if this could translate into a much-needed treatment for the debilitating illness, it does present a promising avenue for further research, said the team -- some of whom have started a company to do just that. "It's a big 'if'," said Li-Huei Tsai of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who co-authored the study.…

Tapped phone led Paris attack leader to his death

PARIS: The top suspect behind last week's Paris attacks was watched by police being led into a building by a woman suicide bomber the evening before they both died there during a raid by special forces, a police source said on Friday.