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WATCH: BBC reporter ‘attacked’ by lemurs at zoo in hilarious video

A BBC reporter was caught in a hilarious moment while reporting from zoo and suddenly got mobbed by a group of lemurs. Alex Dunlop was trying to film a report at Banham Zoo in Norfolk but found himself unable to evade the attentions of the eager lemurs. The video, shared on Twitter, shows the funny footage from the BBC Look East reporter's struggle with the aggressive primates. At the start of the clip the animals are resting on Dunlop's shoulder as their comrades leap around the zoo. The journalist's efforts…

Extinction threatens some 60 percent of primates: study

WASHINGTON: From gorillas to gibbons, about 60 percent of primates, the closest biological relatives to human beings, are threatened by extinction due largely to human activities, a study has found. "This truly is the eleventh hour for many of these creatures," said University of Illinois anthropology professor Paul Garber, who co-wrote the study published on Wednesday in the journal Science Advances. Researchers reported that about 60 percent of primate species are threatened with extinction, while around 75 percent…