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VIDEO: Leopard ‘invades’ housing colony in India, mauls a man

INDORE, India: A leopard ran amok in the Indian city of Indore couple of days ago after first getting stuck in a building there overnight. The big cat was spotted by passers-by on their way to work when the animal was stalking through the streets, sparking mass panic as residents fled to their homes for safety. It came after a large crowd had gone to see the animal being removed from the building it was trapped in. Footage shows a few men trying to capture the beast with a net outside the door of the building.…

Leopard caught after 36 hours on prowl in India factory

NEW DELHI: A leopard on the loose inside India’s largest car factory was caught and tranquilised Friday after sparking a frantic 36-hour search by 200 police and wildlife officials. The big cat was spotted on Thursday on CCTV by guards at Maruti Suzuki’s manufacturing plant in the town of Manesar, just 24 miles from the capital New Delhi. After workers were evacuated from the plant, which churns out nearly a million vehicles a year, police kicked off an hours-long operation to catch the animal, even using live goats…